Joyce Reid Troost, Architect AIBC

Joyce Reid Troost, Architect AIBC


   My design firm specializes in residential architecture. Design services include site planning, density studies, building typology development, mixed-use, single family, designing various multi-family building types of differing densities, program, and price markets.  My overall goal as an Architect is to create inspired spaces which invoke and enrich people’s lives. My responsibility/challenge as an Architect is not to just make a space, but to create meaningful housing for people to identify with. 

   I work to tailor spaces to towards clients’ needs and desires- they are a vital participant in the program and design process. Assisting the client with options opens the dialogue of discussion, enables the client to see the possibilities and gives the client more confidence in making decisions.  Everyone uses space differently and I find it so exciting to understand these differences and generate a “design inspiration” around the way you use space. Whether building a custom home, installing a secondary suite, renovating your living space or redesigning a kitchen, it is essential the space fits your lifestyle and hopes for the space. I look forward to helping people design spaces they truly love and are inspired by.

   My architectural background began as I grew up outside of San Francisco and my love of art took me to architecture school at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles where I received my Bachelors of Architecture (BARCH). My undergraduate education gave me an extensive and incredibly broad design foundation to build on professionally and in my continued graduate studies. I was even fortunate enough to be selected to study architecture abroad in Lake Como, Italy. I always loved to travel and experience the different ways people live.  My studies throughout Northern Europe gave be great insight into culturally inspired and climatically responsive homes.

   After receiving my BARCH and a few years of working as a designer at Thomas P. Cox Architects (TCA), I headed back to get my Masters of Architecture (MARCH) at University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA). My graduate studies in architecture taught me technologies valuable in the design process. Modeling, 3-D printing and an emphasis on design atmosphere further developed my design philosophy and understanding of shaping space. I personally learned how to integrate UCLA's technological design process with the strong rational fundamentals I developed as an undergrad into a strong cohesive design philosophy. Understanding the different design approached is so valuable when working on a project professionally with various clients.

   My experience with housing is extensive. My love for housing developed in school with various exciting housing projects and realizing the impact you can make on people's lives. My interest in housing continued to build professionally while working as a designer at Thomas P. Cox Architects in Southern California. During this employment, I gained hands on experience solving problems, designing various multifamily building types of differing densities, programs, and price markets (including affordable housing) in downtown Los Angeles and the greater LA area. This experience included numerous site planning exercises, building densities, building typology development and unit studies. My next job at W. T. Leung Architects in Vancouver, Canada allowed me to build on that housing experience and discover new issues, materials, and requirements of housing specific to Canada.

   My husband was fortunate enough to receive a job as a professor at Vancouver Island University teaching economics which brought us to Nanaimo. We are very excited to raise our family on this beautiful island and in such a lovely and strong community. Professionally I am very excited to be working again in Canada as an Architect because its natural beauty is so inspiring. What an amazing place to help people design space they truly love.  

/s/ Joyce Reid Troost